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Enrollment policy
Piccola Italia Preschool welcomes all families to participate in our program regardless of income, nationality, race, ethnic background, disability, marital status, sexual preference, political or religious beliefs. Our Enrollment policy is one of first come first served, with a priority given to siblings of children currently enrolled. For the 2020-2021 school year PIP is serving children from 2.9 to 5 years of age for our preschool program – From 2021-22, PIP will also accept children younger than 2.9 on a case-by-case basis with different rates (check out our Infant-Toddler Welcoming Packet). We also offer afternoon lessons, “Doposcuola,” to children from 5 to 10 years of age.

Enrollment Process
1. Contact us to schedule a parent interview and tour of the school. Children are also welcome to visit with a parent.

2. All interested families should complete an Application Form (located in the Welcoming Packets: below 2.9 and above 2.9) and return it with a nonrefundable registration fee of $40 as soon as possible.

3. Upon receipt of your Application Form, we will contact you regarding availability. Confirmations about availability and an Enrollment Packet will be sent out, at which time the Parent/Educator Agreement and a nonrefundable deposit (equal to 25% of your child’s first month of tuition) must be submitted. This deposit is to hold your child’s space in the program and it will be credited towards the first month’s tuition. Spaces are filled on a first come first served basis, as deposits are received.